Plan Your Surgery

Before going through the guide, if you are located close to or near our location you can directly call us on +91 9284562451 / +91 9822032084 or mail us at to make an appointment. Alternatively, if you are located farther away or overseas for that matter, we suggest you go through the 7 step guide given below which will give you a better understanding of how to avail of our services.

  • Explain your problem by email

    Email Us and explain your problem in brief along with your detailed medical history. If possible, attach a picture of your affliction/problem so that we know what your problem is like to better help our doctors with their consultation. We will usually respond to queries within 48 working hours. If you are still not satisfied with our initial reply feel free to mail us again citing your previous query for record. This way we can maintain an individual record of your case.

    Do note that at times emails get overlooked due to the sheer volume and if you do not get a reply within a week please do send us a copy of your email again.

  • Sending your picture to us

    If you are e-mailing your picture to us, please ensure that each image is not over 50KB in size, and it should preferably be in the *.jpg format. Every area of the body needs to be assessed by a particular set of pictures. Please click images at different angles to better aid us.

  • Confirm the cost of the surgery

    Once we are clear on what your problem is, and you have our opinion on the sort of surgery to be done, feel free to request us for our rates or fees that are likely to be incurred. Please proceed further only if the rates are suitable for you. Please be informed about the mode of payment as well. We accept payments for the treatment in Foreign Currency. We also accept payments by major Credit Cards.

  • Legal formalities

    If travelling from overseas you shall need a VISA to enter India before buying a ticket. Please make sure other formalities are done at your end. Some countries, including USA, have the requirement of taking vaccinations for hepatitis A & B, typhoid and a polio booster, plus a prescription for anti-malarial pills.

  • Arranging an escort to help you reach us

    In case you are new to India, and feel you cannot make it to our hospital on your own, you can ask us beforehand for our Escort Services. You have to inform us in advance of the date, time and flight number and airlines you are travelling by. We shall then email you the details like taxi number, mobile number including an image of the escort beforehand. The escort shall receive you at the Dabolim Airport, Goa, holding up a placard bearing your name at the reception lounge. He shall have you transferred to a hotel for an overnight stay till the next morning. The next morning, the escort shall then accompany you to the hospital. This facility is specially recommended for ladies and students, and to most other patients who are traveling first time to India or any Asian country.

  • Getting help to reach us on your own

    Please see if you are competent to travel on your own to our hospital. You can inform us which dates you need an appointment for. Please get a confirmation from us about our availability during the period you want to come to us. Only then you should get your travel arrangements finalized. And it is imperative that once you have booked, you must inform us the final date of your arrival to us at our center.

  • Pre-operation investigations

    Once you reach the hospital, you now need to undergo some basic tests before the surgery. You will then have to undergo some pre-operative investigations to confirm your fitness for general anaesthesia. Other tests depend on your on your surgical procedure.